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What’s New for the New Year!

Happy 2023, fellow CCCRP members! I hope your new year has begun well. Maybe your new year resolutions are on track or that your resolution was to not have any resolutions.

There were changes in the Bylaws and Standing Rules that took effect January 1 of this new year. The first is that the “printed” Plinker is no longer the official club communication. That is now the electronic Plinker and the club website.

Next, the requirement for having and maintaining a membership in the NRA to be a member of CCRP was removed. Please, note, we encourage you to hold a membership in an organization that supports the 2nd Amendment, especially those who actively lobby for that right to be maintained.

And finally, membership annual dues have been increased by $10.00 per membership. That is both the Full membership and the Associate membership. The sales tax on those memberships will increase accordingly.

That’s it for the changes – for now anyway. We are always looking to the future to continue to maintain and improve the club for all of us members. Enjoy the ranges and have fun shooting!

Chris Moffet, President, CCRP