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High Power Range

Important! Please read the High Power Range rules. Rules are also posted on the bulletin board at the range.

Target placements at 50, 100, and 200 yards.

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NOTE ON THE TYPE OF RIFLES ALLOWED FOR EACH MATCH: Shooters may use Any Rifle they choose to shoot any of our High Power Rifle Matches. However, only those shooters using the designated type of rifle for each match will be eligible for match  placing and awards. Shooters choosing to use Any Rifle shall shoot the same course of fire as is designated for the match.

“Any Rifle” – A rifle with no restrictions on sights or accessories, except that it must be legal and
safe to competitors and range personnel. Ammunition will be restricted to no larger than .45

Range matches

Other Range Activities

Please read and comply with the High Power Range rules posted on the bulletin board at the High Power Range. In addition, we ask for your cooperation with the following issues that are causing damage to our facilities:

    • If you wish to use wooden target stands, please make and bring your own target stands. And take
      them home with you when you are done shooting.
    • You may place your wooden target stands in the target stand bases at the 200 yard line, or make and bring your own target stand base for use at the 50 and 100 yard lines.
    • Please DO NOT stand the 200 yard target stand bases up on end and staple targets to them or put clay pigeons on them.
    • Please DO NOT shoot at the 200 yard target stand bases.
    • Please DO NOT put paper targets or clay pigeons on the gong stand at the 200 yard line. The gong stand is for steel gongs only.
    • Please DO NOT attach targets to the tires at the 100 yard line, or place targets in front of the
      tires. The tires are only for hanging your steel gongs at the 100 yard line.
  • Our High Power Range facilities are maintained by volunteers. When stuff gets shot up or otherwise destroyed, it may be quite a while before it gets repaired.