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CCRP Board member elections


As I said at the recent monthly meeting, mainly attended by the executive officers, last
year I was a bit slow in getting any information out concerning our club’s annual elections. This
year we’ll get things going much earlier than that…
Our club’s elections won’t take place until the December meeting and, generally,
nominations must be made by the November meeting. For this year’s elections, I will accept
nominations, if the nominated member is willing to accept, at any time. The best place to make
such nominations is, of course, at one of the coming meetings when the member being
nominated is also present. My hope is that starting this early will generate more interest in our
club’s process of elections as well as greater participation for the club’s general membership.
There are a number of board positions which are due for either re-election of the person
holding that position or for the nomination and election of a new member to the board. These
positions are simply nearing the end of their 3-year terms. They are; Treasurer (presently Doug
Simpson), Security Officer & Information Technology (Richard Schneider), Action Pistol Range
Director (Ron Lohman), Black Powder Range Director (Tom Witt), and the Hunter Education
Director (Blayde Fry).
In addition to those board positions, all of the executive positions, being the president,
vice president, treasurer, security officer, safety officer, and the secretary are voted on or elected
annually. To be eligible for those positions nominees must be members of the club’s Board of
When we consider someone for a position on our Board of Directors, one thing we can
look at is their attendance record for our meetings. Those meetings are rather important and
several of us have the hopes that participation at our meetings will increase. The record or roll
call for present directors at our past meetings will be made available. Of course, there are
justifiable excuses for missing meetings such as health problems or an employment schedule.
Also, a general observation shows that several black powder shooters are now on the
Board of Directors. Those black powder shooters are simply interested in helping the club run
along a good course. At the same time, things might seem more properly balanced if some
members from other “shooting ranges” were to step up and take more active positions within the
club by becoming board members.
So, there are certainly things to consider in either making nominations for board members
or accepting a nomination. Let’s begin making some of those considerations now so we can
enjoy having a meaningful election for club board members and officers this December.
Shoot sharp, Mike