family oriented, members only club with events open to the public

Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club

Annual Election of Board of Directors and Executive Counsel December 2023

By secret ballot, the following members were voted to the CCRP Board of Directors. 

                             Member                                  Position

                                    Derek Sotelo               Law Enforcement Liaison

                                    Kerry Sotelo                Women’s Activities

                                    Mike Coleman             Member of the Board

                                    Zeke Richardson         Multi Purpose Range Co-Director

                                    Doug Simpson            Member of the Board

                                    Ron Lohman               Action Pistol Co-Director

                                    Tom Witt                     Black Powder Range Director

                                    Blayde Fry                  Hunters Education

By secret ballot, the newly assembled Board of Directors voted the following members to the CCRP Executive Board of Directors. 

                             Executive Committee                                    Position          

                                    Chris Moffet                           President                    

                                    Mike Nesbitt                           Vice President

                                    Jerry Mayo                              Secretary                    

                                    Doug Simpson                      Treasurer                     

                                    Tom Brown                             Safety Officer

                                    Mike Coleman                       Security Officer