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Standards of Behavior and Disciplinary Actions

The Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club Board of Directors recently acted to expel a member from the
club due to a confrontational incident. The Executive Committee of the Board conducted a
thorough review of the incident and determined the appropriate course of action through a
unanimous vote. That course of action was upheld through a vote of the entire Board of

The Executive Committee determined that the member had demonstrated a pattern of
aggressive behavior while attempting to enforce range rules and procedures. While the motive
for enforcing range rules may have been well intended, the methods employed eventually lead
to a serious confrontation with a high potential of becoming violent.

CCRP Club members must always treat other members and guests with courtesy and respect.
We all have a responsibility to politely point out safety issues when we observe them. However,
we cannot escalate a conversation into a confrontation. If a member does not correct a safety
issue, or you feel that the conditions on the range remain unsafe, please leave the range and
submit an Incident Report to the Club Safety Officer. Any incident requiring a Law Enforcement
response or EMS (Emergency Medical Service) must be reported to the Club President
immediately. The Incident Report form can be found on the club web site at
under Forms/Documents. Please provide as much detailed information as possible including
names, license plate numbers, and a complete description of the incident. The Executive
Committee will review and take appropriate action on all Incident Reports. The members of the
Executive Committee are identified on the back page of the Plinker, and can be contacted
through the club web site.
Gary Thorsen


NRA Membership and CCRP Membership

As I’m sure you are all aware, membership in the Capitol City Rifle and Pistol club
requires a current, unexpired membership in the NRA. As part of the conditions set by the NRA
for backing our club insurance (which greatly keeps the cost down), the NRA requires that 100%
of the club members be NRA members.

As we have had some issues with CCRP members no longer wanting to maintain an NRA
membership due to conflicting beliefs, members that forget and let their NRA membership
lapse, and members whose NRA membership ends just before, on, or just after they renew
their club membership, we have had to tighten up on that policy.

If your membership expires anywhere around your club dues anniversary, I highly
suggest that you consider renewing early. For example, if your dues are due September 1 and
your NRA expires September 30, you could be paid up and still find yourself locked out on
October 1. Thirty days after that, your membership would be terminated.

Another thing to think of concerning the renewal of your NRA membership is the delays
created by the COVID overreactions. If you mail your NRA renewal check to the NRA, you are
looking at 4-6 weeks before you hear anything and that’s provided they have even processed it
by then. Please, go online to do your renewal and ask for a receipt.

It is incumbent upon you to provide the necessary information and have it done in time.
Frankly, the more time I have to spend tracking NRA memberships, the less likely I am to be
lenient on late memberships.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Chris Moffet, club president,
through the club website contact page.


Notice of Amendment to Club Bylaws

Published Notice of an Amendment to the Club Bylaws

This notice will be published for three months in the Plinker and on the club website in accordance with CCRP Bylaws. A vote by the full Board of Directors will follow at the first meeting after the three months.

A clarification is needed in paragraph G of Article IV and is added as the ending sentence of paragraph G as follows:

“Work hours and certifications are to be recorded on the assessment work hours card and the original submitted by the member, completely filled out, with the member’s annual dues and proof of NRA membership upon receipt of their annual invoice.”

While the assessment deduction for new member recruitment has been in effect for some time now, the decision was never voted into the club Bylaws. The following paragraph is to placed at the end of paragraph G under Article IV.

“Members may reduce their annual assessment of $80.00 by recruiting new members who join the club. The reduction is $40.00 per new member and is limited to two reductions per calendar year. Accordingly, two new members will bring the recruiting member’s assessment to a zero balance for that member’s calendar year and will be credited to the member’s account for the anniversary following the recruiting. Recruiting assessment reductions are applicable only to assessments, will not apply to dues, are not transferable nor do they roll-over to the following year if more than two new members are recruited in one year. The recruiting and proof of the new member’s completion of the New Member Orientation can be recorded on the assessment work hours cards, certified by the NMO instructor, the club Training Officer, or a member of the Executive Committee, and then submitted by the recruiting member with their annual dues and proof of NRA membership.”

For questions and comments, contact the club president, Chris Moffet, through the contacts link on the club website, . 5Aug2020